1. Progress on Julia

This is Julia. She is the first of seven in this series.

I am still working on the paper background and lighting setup. The idea is to have a remote-controlled internal LED lighting system and/or lighting behind the semi-transparent handmade paper backing. I am enjoying the shadows that interact with images.

I am also debating a few more purple flowers on the vertical stems. We will see.

NOTES: I am exploring symbolism/semiotics in contemporary portraiture. I have an extensive commercial art background, so message is important to me. It seems, some contemporary art is so vague the only way to appreciate it is to apply an educated look at the artist, the process, or the context with which it was created — not so easy for the average person. It makes me wonder whether or not I can find a balance in offering the viewer symbols for interpretation without telling the whole story. This exploration has led me to adding a surreal look to the work. I realize Julia may be a bit too literal in some areas, but I have ideas for the next piece that should resolve some of that.