A Walk Around Foxglen 2010

I came across these photos I had taken and just wanted to share a few. This was a very cathartic walk for me. I was beginning my MFA in Visual Art at Azusa Pacific University and I was trying to figure out who I was as an artist.

I ended-up on a detour driving home from class one day, which led me right to the neighborhood where I grew-up. My experiences living in that house were not pleasant. I would escape outdoors every chance I got, taking long walks looking downward–thinking, wondering, and dreaming.

The walk began at my old driveway, just like before. I immediately recognized my favorite cracks in the sidewalk, undulations in the curbs, and stains in the asphalt–all old friends I realized missed. I thanked them for being there when I needed them most. I honored their timelessness. And, I said goodbye.