Ego & Pride in Creativity

#Sketchbook #Creativity takes the wheel.

Allow Creativity to Drive

There is a time to be proud of what you have accomplished. It’s a time to celebrate and build a monument to achieving a victory–as long as you know it was the right victory.

There is a time to be confident in your abilities. It’s a time to courageously push past fears and insecurities moving you to a new level of experience–as long as you know it was the right experience for you.

Ego and pride are two character attributes that can lift us up, or tear us down. Everyday, we sift through our current and impending battles and we make decisions to take action. We force our immediate personal agendas into and on to situations, allowing ego and pride to take the wheel.

Creativity takes a back seat when this happens. Creativity cannot drive decisions in our lives when blocked by ego and pride that do not align with what is right for us. Each and every one of us is different. My decisions should not be yours and yours not mine. What is right for you, may not be right for me.

How different would our lives be if we double-checked our ego when it rises up? How different if we recognized pride before hurting ourselves or someone else?

Just a thought…