Step 1 for Creativity: Be Still


Be Still & Listen

I have several creative projects going. These projects are things that I have been wanting to do, but haven’t. They are things that I know I should do, but haven’t. And, they are things I don’t even know I need to do yet.

When I add these things to my already full daily life I immediately feel overwhelmed. At times, I begin to plan what I need to do and what should come first, and immediately I feel overwhelmed. So, I start some laundry and quickly scroll through my imaginary list of busyness, while none of my creative projects are getting done.

Sound familiar?

It’s time for me to go back to what Stephen Covey teaches us with his Franklin Covey planning strategies. Or, any one of the many time management plans available. The important thing is that I do it… figure out what I need to do, what comes first, what resources I have, etc.

Though, there is no amount of time management I can do that will work, unless I first take the time to be still and listen.

Just a thought…