Clear the Way for Creativity

Jana's Sketchbook No. 5
Jana’s Sketchbook No. 5

“Less is more.”  > Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

(The best design and art work is simple, straight to the point, has one concept, a single idea, is focused, etc.)

I always start any project with my sketchbook. I immediately write, scribble, and/or doodle. I consciously try to let go to allow creativity to happen. I often have to push my mind out of the way by writing down what I am thinking about. Worry, stress, and anxiety are creativity blockers.

I found that I can clear the way for creative thinking, and clearer problem solving, when I can move negative, or distracted thinking out of my head and onto paper. When I feel finished, I can then close my sketchbook, push it aside, and get to work with clearer thinking.

I am not worried about how the page looks, or what someone else would think if they saw the words or scribbles. I brain dump. I allow myself to visually vomit whatever junk I need to let go of onto the page. Then I can start being creative effectively. There is freedom in doodling and scribbling that is cathartic.

So, I confess, I journal in my sketchbook to clear the way for creativity.

Just a thought…