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Problem-Solving the Thanksgiving Table

I get to see my children tomorrow and I’m so excited. I’ve been playing around with the China given to me by a couple of great friends who were downsizing. That and I’ve had to get creative with what I already have. It all comes down to problem-solving.

This part of the Holidays make some people crazy, but I love the creativity needed to make it all happen. I spent time digging through containers with placemats, napkins and table runners all hoping to pull something together for my family to enjoy. I haven’t worked in a long time now due to contending with medical conditions, so I don’t get to be as creative as I used to—let alone solve problems which I love.

Thanksgiving 2020

So, I took a bit of this that I love and a bit of that I hate and blended it all together. I used color as a unifying factor. Patterns don’t match, but colors work. I had to mix two different China patterns because a found a couple of broken plates in the hutch (Grrrr!).

Overall, I think it turned out just fine and can’t wait until tomorrow.

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