Creativity with Music

Picking it Up Again

I see sparks fly as musical notes fill the air. The depth and wonder of sound resonate artfully in my heart. My body feels the vibration as the music washes over, through, and inside of me. My mind wants and waits for that perfect note. My mind stretches outside of my self-imposed box–just listening.

The truth is that I need music in my life. I need the music the devil stole from me as a child through criticism and a force of silence to be returned. I need to sing and dance as I worship God with raw abandon. The pain in my body and soul disappears for a while as I allow myself to let go. My mind clears as I worship with God’s Spirit and truth. I feel healed knowing I’m better than I was before.

I encounter the presence of God as I engage in creative things, like music. We all do.

Whatever is creative for you, whatever makes your heart sing, that is what you need to spend time doing. That is the place where God meets you and heals you. It’s where the purest truth resides. There are answers there with power, strength, and love. It’s your secret place and no one else’s.