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The Truth About Being Human

It was stolen from us… creativity. Some were fortunate to have been raised in creative households, where we were encouraged to be artistically free. The rest of us don’t believe or know we are creative. The truth is that we all are creative, no matter who we are or what we do.

The following is an excerpt from book one of the current series I am working on called, “You Are Creative: The Truth About Being Human”

“To receive creativity from God, we must have an open mind and heart. If you want to be more creative pray for it and seek it in even the smallest ways to use in your life. It can be how you cook, dress, do your hair and makeup, organize your workbench, or any other thing in your life that seems chaotic and can use some creative attention. Just ask God to help you and He will.

With creativity, we can do and become anything we can imagine. When God begins to answer us with things that we could not have thought of ourselves, we know it came from the Lord. The key is being proactive and using our creativity combined with God’s creativity, help, and support. We just have to ask. God will answer with creativity, wisdom, clarity, and most importantly, love.

We suffer and deny our true selves when we don’t have creativity in our lives. There is a God-shaped hole in us that will not be filled completely if we deny the creativity we carry. We are made to be creative, yet we learn and believe the lies that we aren’t. We believe we can’t do things like become a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, so we don’t even try. But wherever we are in life, we are capable of so much more. That’s the truth we must begin to believe, that God wants to help us, and He will.”

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