Stuck Between the Past & the Future

I was at lunch recently with a friend and somehow we got on the subject of twin whirlpools. I had never heard of them. She mentioned that people kayaking experience them in rivers, and that the only way out of them is not the logical way out. One would think to paddle forward or across, […]


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Clear the Way for Creativity

“Less is more.”  > Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (The best design and art work is simple, straight to the point, has one concept, a single idea, is focused, etc.) I always start any project with my sketchbook. I immediately write, scribble, and/or doodle. I consciously try to let go to allow creativity to happen. […]

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Find Creative Freedom: Scribble

Many of us are bombarded daily with various levels of chaos. We may have a difficult time finding quiet, yet it is in the quiet, the calm, and the stillness that we can create. So, I scribble. I scribble without fear of judgement. Without fear of getting it right. I just scribble. I scibble to […]

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Ego & Pride in Creativity

Allow Creativity to Drive There is a time to be proud of what you have accomplished. It’s a time to celebrate and build a monument to achieving a victory–as long as you know it was the right victory. There is a time to be confident in your abilities. It’s a time to courageously push past […]

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Are Bad Things All Bad?

I learned it as a child; I learned it in the workplace; I learned it as an adult: Bad things are bad, and good things are good. We are taught to be good and do good, so that good things will happen. We are taught that if we are bad or do something bad, bad […]

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A Walk Around Foxglen 2010

I came across these photos I had taken and just wanted to share a few. This was a very cathartic walk for me. I was beginning my MFA in Visual Art at Azusa Pacific University and I was trying to figure out who I was as an artist. I ended-up on a detour driving home […]

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A Short Story

Do You Remember Your Last Ride? By Jana Rawling You asked me to meet you early to ride. It had been awhile, so I agreed. I was feeling strong in the saddle and hoped for some fun; maybe I could finally get my big gelding to canter on the right lead — the first time […]

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Whew! MFA Show Done

Pulling this show together was a great experience. I will be uploading more images to my website. I thought that I was going to take a long break from making art just before this was all done. Now, I am dreaming of cutting paper and getting messy with clay. What!?

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