Progress on the Final Piece

I was going to complete seven pieces for my show, but settled on five with my committee (thank GOD!). Each piece takes so much work. Anyway, Dylan is making progress. I chose to include fewer drawings. I am still waiting for glue to dry before making any changes. This one has more found objects (metal […]

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Finding Solutions

I kept wanting to “cover” the boxes in a way that creates more of a focal point, and requires the viewer to engage with the smaller drawings. I think I found some solutions. I may still edit once the pieces are in the gallery space. I, personally, interact with them differently–kind of fun.

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Gallery Space Planning

The space for my show is loooong. I originally built a 3D model in SketchUp, but had trouble adding the images of my work to the program effectively. I ended up building with foam core instead. Now, I actually prefer the tangible object for getting a sense of the space. So, the curatorial process begins.

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Two Down; Five to Go

Okay, Martin and Julia are pretty much finished. I have five more boxes to finish before mid-January. I have finished three of the remaining five main portraits, which leaves two large portraits and about 125 small drawings to go. All of the frame boxes are built, and still need backs, inner frames, LED lighting, and […]

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Julia is Finished

I have finally edited Julia and figured out the LED lighting. I found a great electronics shop called Ableletronics in Rancho with knowledgeable folks who are willing to help. I have no idea how I am going to shoot these boxes with the internal lighting. The LEDs are also cool, so I have to determine […]

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